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About Us

A few words about us


Beeart was founded in 2016 in Xanthi by beekeepers Savvas Parcharidis and Ismet Osmanoglou. The business initiative of the two partners started from their sincere interest in beekeeping and was based on their deep knowledge and experience in the industry.

Bee Art has a complete collection of products with a registered brand name. Experts in high performance wax melting thanks to years of experience and constant research, we market and bring to the market the best and most ergonomic beekeeping tools and accessories. At the same time, Bee Art, listening to the needs of the market for quality beekeeping products, undertakes with responsibility and diligence to design and produce its own essential tools, providing you with products carefully considered in the smallest detail that will facilitate your work and enhance your performance. In particular, in our physical and online store you will find nutritious food of our own production, as well as the most durable and ergonomic uniforms on the market at the most advantageous prices.

From 2021, the company will dynamically promote its innovative products abroad with unique solutions to every beekeeping need, complementing and strengthening the agriculture chain worldwide. Main export countries with a number of satisfied and loyal customers are Germany, France, Italy and England.

Today Bee Art aims at the constant upgrading of the beekeeping activity throughout Europe, thanks to the continuous promotion of its products developed on the basis of thorough research and the valuable experience of its staff.


·       High quality standards in all our beekeeping products

·       Innovation and continuous research to optimise our products

·       Respect for the environment by manufacturing ecosystem-friendly products

·       Care and attention for the well-being and longevity of the bee

Innovations and exclusives

·       Beekeeping uniforms: We exclusively design the patterns on which Bee Art's beekeeping uniforms are sewn. Each design results from a thorough study of the needs for maximum protection and absolute safety for beekeepers from bee stings.

·       Wax extraction: We have proven to deliver the maximum depth in each cell when extracting the wax from each honeycomb. In this way, beekeepers who trust bee art for their work, get the maximum possible product from each honeycomb sheet.

·       Holistic approach: at Bee Art both the new and the experienced beekeeper can find everything they need for the cultivation and care of their colony.


Bee Art is proud of its active and continuous participation in Apimondia, the well-established International Federation of Beekeeping Associations to promote the development of beekeeping on a scientific, ecological, social and economic level worldwide.